At Home


So there I was – sitting in the Hongqiao Airport waiting for my flight to Nanchang. It was my first full day in China and I was drinking it all in – the sights, the sounds, the smells. (more…)

This kid is 15 and the chief noodle maker in the family restaurant. Watch him whip up a batch of noodles in about 60 seconds!

Call of the Open Road1

Call of the Open Road (Yangshuo)

Is your bucket list full and bank account empty? Perfect. Now’s the time to plan an extended vacation abroad! (more…)

PDC 2012

Canton Fair Lecture

From my office window I have a bird’s eye view of Canton Fair, arguably the largest trade show in the world. Twice a year – in April and October– buyers and sellers from every corner of the globe descend upon Guangzhou (Canton). They are coming to visit the China Import and Export Fair, otherwise known as The Canton Fair. (more…)

My Coffee Bar in the Middle of Tea Country!

My Coffee Bar in the Middle of Tea Country!

One of the things I noticed during my first few weeks in China is that Chinese people eat a lot of seeds. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, seeds I don’t know the name of. When people gather for a meal, a banquet, tea or just plain talk, out comes a plate of dried seeds. Everyone digs in, cracking the seeds open and spitting the remains on the ground, on the table, even on each other. Sort of like “peanut night” taken to the extreme. (more…)

Got an idea for a blockbuster movie rattling around in your head? Ever told yourself you’d sit down, write that screenplay and send it off to Hollywood? Although it’s not as simple as it sounds, it’s for sure they don’t give out any Oscars for “good intentions!” (more…)


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