How to Tell if a Designer Handbag or Purse is Fake

Are they the real deal?

If you’re a collector of designer handbags, then chances are you already know the look and feel of a high quality designer bag. However, even the pros sometimes get fooled. Here are some steps you can take to make sure the bag you just can’t live without is the genuine article:

Step 1
New or used? New designer bags are only sold at reputable department stores and authorized outlets. Used bags (“vintage”) can sometimes be found at reasonable prices at thrift stores, yard sales or from a private party. Ask a lot of questions, however. If things don’t feel right, then walk away.

Step 2
How much? If the price seems too good to be true, well… you know the rest of the story!

Step 3
Quality bags have a certain weight, feel, appearance and even smell. Examine every inch, inside and out. The stitching should be perfect; the buckles, clasps and hardware should be well made and in good shape. If the bag is made of leather, then it should smell like leather!

Step 4
Check the tags, logo, serial numbers and other symbols of authenticity. Designers go to great lengths to protect their reputation. This is where you must do your homework. Check out the Internet for designer websites, handbag articles and blogs. Also, seek the advice of your friends and acquaintances . Chances are one of them is an “expert.”

Step 5
If, after all is said and done, you still can’t live without that bag, then buy it! Chances are it is the real thing. And if it isn’t, enjoy it anyway!