GoFundMe: My daughter’s tuition

In September of this year I took a leave of absence from my job as an ESL teacher at Midea International School in Beijiao, near Foshan, China. I had several reasons for doing so, not the least of which was that I wanted to undergo cataract surgery in the USA.

I am currently unable to see anything except lights and shadows in my left eye and, according to my doctor, cataracts are beginning to form in my right eye. My surgery is scheduled for November 15th.

One of the benefits of being a teacher at Midea School was a sizable discount on my daughter’s tuition. However, since it has taken longer than anticipated to obtain insurance and schedule appointments, my school has requested me to pay at least half of my daughter’s tuition. Unfortunately, I need help doing this.

In China, schooling is “free” only in the village where one’s family is registered. Unfortunately, we live a long way from the place where my daughter’s “hukou” is of any use. Education is actually quite expensive in China and it is not uncommon for a family to pay more for education than they do for housing.

Even where education is “free” there are costs for books and miscellaneous fees. In the past, headmasters expected “hongbao,” (red packets of money) from parents. Fortunately, this tradition is changing.

Anyway, I hope I have answered some of your questions. If you would like further information, please let me know.

Your interest and generosity is greatly appreciated!

Here is the link to my Go Fund Me campaign: My Daughter’s Tuition






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