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National Chocolate Day

Chocolate Rose
Chocolate Rose

The list of U.S. federal holidays seems a rather odd assortment. It appears to be mostly about finding a politically correct excuse for a day off with pay. The list is as follows: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Junior Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The first one and the last two seem to be the only legitimate holidays to my way of thinking.

As a kid, I used to look forward to the start of the “holiday season.” In my mind, the first big holiday was Halloween, followed about a month later by Thanksgiving, and then a month after that was Christmas. It was a glorious stretch of freedom from school, combined with presents, combined with all sorts of sweet things for the tummy. By the time New Year’s Day rolled around we actually looked forward to getting back to school and seeing our classmates again!

I remember January being a long, cold month with not much to look forward to except Valentine’s Day the middle of February. Then, a bit later in March or April came Easter. After that it was all about hanging in there until the last day of school. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the Fourth of July which is mostly about picnics in the park and fireworks.

The one essential ingredient for any holiday is good food. If you asked a kid, he or she would most likely boil it down even further to candy – and more specifically chocolate! Therefore, I propose that the government declare one more federal holiday – National Chocolate Day! What do you think?

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