MINDGAME, a screenplay by Ron Hendricks

Take One!
Not long after the first Gulf War two shadowy figures sneak
along a chain link fence.
(Loud whisper.)
Comrade…over here…
DIMITRI holds up the bottom of the fence so MICHAEL can
slither under. Next it is DIMITRI’s turn, but his butt is
too big. MICHAEL slides out and they try it in reverse
order. Success…
I think it’s this way…
MICHAEL and DIMITRI approach an old yellow school bus half
hidden with canvas. They force open the door and climb
MICHAEL and DIMITRI flip on their flashlights and look
around. All but the driver seat is removed and there are a
few empty crates in the corner. Keys dangle from the dash
and a padlocked panel is cut into the floor.
Well… what have we here?
Dogs begin barking in the warehouse office. MICHAEL and
DIMITRI freeze. Foreign shouting is heard over the dogs. A
door opens and the dogs get louder and closer!
Do you suppose they’re friendly?
I’m not waiting to find out!

If you would like to read more, send me a message and I will send you a copy in PDF format. Ron

Author: Ron's Blog

At home in the Global Village.

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