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Little Emperors

This article first appeared on Technorati: China Blocks WikiLeaks

They call them Little Emperors. They are the over-indulged toddler tyrants who seem to rule the roost in many Chinese households. These half-pint dictators appear to be an unintended consequence of Chinese one-child policy and traditional preference for boys.

Even in households with more than one child, little brother (Didi in Mandarin) is often the beneficiary of much affectionate head shaking. As an ESL teacher in The Middle Kingdom since 2004, I’ve graded more than several student essays containing the phrase “my younger brother is very naughty.” Meimei is almost always lovely, but Didi is definitely the naughty one.

The reference is often mockingly applied to China’s relationship with neighboring North Korea. Now, however, it would appear Elder Brother may be growing weary of the antics of Younger Brother. This, according to the latest round of purloined documents recently released by Internet sensation WikiLeaks.

China has moved quickly to block the information behind their great firewall. The U.S. State Department has also done what it can to prevent further embarrassing leaks. Nevertheless, the so-called damage is done.

One has to wonder if there isn’t a certain amount of suppressed glee accompanying this particular revelation. After all, the Korean truce began in 1953. That would, in essence, make Younger Brother the same age as I.

Why has this situation gone on so long? In effect, it’s a 57 year old war without end. It would be naïve to think the reason is one-sided. Certainly the United States has much to gain from a strategic land base in the heart of Asia and literally in Elder Brother’s backyard.

What would happen if America simply declared victory and brought the boys home?

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