How To Make Chinese Chainsaw Chicken Chow Mein

A few posts back I wrote about chicken feet. Today, I thought I’d write about the rest of the bird.

~Chainsaw Chicken refers to the way chicken is often prepared and served in China: hacked to pieces, bones, head, and all, and then dumped into the pot. There’s a lot of spitting out of bones onto the tabletop. I gave up ordering it in the more “rural” restaurants. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion some restaurants save back the meat and use it elsewhere. Maybe they’re selling it to KFC?

Chinese Chicken
Chinese Chicken

~KFC is the number one Western fast food chain in China. It’s so pervasive that most of my students think that hamburger (han-bao-bao) means chicken in a bun. The Chinese name for KFC is Ken-de-ji. While I’m at it, McDonalds is Mai-dang-lao and Pizza Hut is Bi-sheng-ke.

~If you look at a map of China it sort of looks like a chicken. Chinese sometimes joke about this. Take a look and see what you think.

Does China Look Like A Chicken?
Does China Look Like A Chicken?

~If you like to eat turkey, you’re kind of out of luck in China. They’re pretty scarce. I did find frozen ones in the Metro Store in Guangzhou, though.

~What you will find in great abundance is duck. I will post a recipe for duck soon, but for now:

Here is my recipe for Chinese Chainsaw Chicken Chow Mein. Don’t worry, I left out the bones, head, feet and feathers!

Okay, here is the recipe. Only, I changed it to Turkey Chow Mein in honor of Thanksgiving. Substitute chicken if you’d like:


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