How to Eat Chicken Feet

Q: Should chicken feet be eaten with the fingers?

A: No, fingers should be eaten separately.

Chinese meals are much more, hmm… dynamic than what you’re probably used to. Not everything that goes in the mouth stays in the mouth. For example, bones. And cartilage and tendon. There, I’ve just described what is probably the number one snack food in China. Yes, I’ve eaten them. And no, I don’t particularly like them. Nor understand them for that matter. This is likely to be a pretty short article. As a matter of fact, this is it. Enjoy the pictures.

Chicken Feet
No Matter How You Cook 'Em...
No Matter How You Cook 'Em...
No Matter How You Cook 'Em...
Packaged Chicken Feet
The Number One Snack Food in China?

Author: Ron's Blog

At home in the Global Village.

3 thoughts on “How to Eat Chicken Feet”

  1. Most of my American friends gross out at the idea of eating chicken feet. Chewing on chicken feet??? What an unbelievable thing for them to imagine. I tried to explain to them about how this part of the chicken is cooked and consumed. They still have hard time accepting the idea. Definitely a culture shocker. 🙂

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