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When Does a Designer Label Purse Become Not a Designer Label Purse? – Yi Sen Wholesale Market

Guess you’re wondering why I would choose to blog about handbags and purses. Thanks for asking.

Women and Purses
Women, like purses, come in all shapes and sizes.

Initially, I became interested for business reasons. If you’ve looked around my blog at all, you probably noticed I owned and operated a coffee bar in the middle of tea country. So the logical next step is to move on to a purse business. Makes sense, huh? Then there’s the other reason: women. They come in all shapes and sizes and what goes on inside them is a complete mystery to me. Kind of like purses.

The Yi Sen Wholesale Market in Guangzhou is several stories tall and stretches for blocks. It’s not too far from the old train station. As you approach on the street, your nostrils begin to detect the smell of leather. There are other smells mingled in. I guess it’s only fitting that a leather alternative be called PU.

I love wandering around this market. Actually, I love wandering around most of Guangzhou’s wholesale markets. And there’s a ton of them. The Yi Sen Wholesale Market and the Baiyun World Leather Wholesale Market are pretty much across the street from each other. Here you can find bags, belts, shoes and leather accessories. You can also get a real education in the art of knock-off.

Yes, you’ll see fake Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach, Chanel, Juicy Couture, you name it. Some of it is good – very good. Any wonder then, why most (not all) designer labels have moved their manufacturing to China? Which brings up the question: When does a “designer label” become “not a designer label?”

I know this is a slippery slope, so for now I will go away and think about it. I invite you to do the same. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Mulberry Purses?
Guangzhou Markets
Wholesale Markets Near the Old Guangzhou Rail Station

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