How to Tell if a Gucci Designer Bag or Purse is Fake

Gucci Stands for Luxury, High Fashion and Good Taste

Gucci. The name stands for luxury, high fashion and good taste. While most of us are probably more carpool crowd than jet set, it is possible to carve off your own juicy slice of this rich Italian tradition. Here are a few things to bear in mind when you go hunting for an authentic Gucci designer bag.

Step 1
Virgin or vintage? Brand new Gucci designer bags and purses could set you back a month’s wages or more. But, if only new will do, then buy your bag online at the official Gucci website or at a high-end department store such as Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. There are plenty of authentic, pre-owned Gucci bags out there, however.

Step 2
Just because it’s used doesn’t mean it’s cheap. An authentic Gucci in good shape should still be on the expensive side. If it isn’t, then chances are it’s fake. Ask the seller a lot of questions. If you don’t like the answers then take a pass.

Step 3
All designer bags have a certain heft, appearance and even smell that says “quality.” Examine the bag inside and out; note the stitching, clasps, zippers, lining, etc. The workmanship and materials should be absolutely first rate. Yes, if you are buying a used bag, there may be some signs of use. However, these are fairly easily distinguished from factory flaws.

Step 4
The distinctive Gucci double G logo is one thing you should scrutinize carefully. If the letters look more like a C or an E then it is an obvious fake. Look for the logo on the buckles, clasps and other bits of hardware. You will also sometimes find the words “Gucci” and “Italy.” Normally, the zipper will not have a Gucci logo, because they use YKK zippers. Look for the tiny letters on the zipper pull.

Step 5
Inside the bag there should be a leather tag centered along the zipper seam. There should be a serial number on the underside of the tag. New bags come with a certificate of authenticity. Ask the seller if it is available. Sometimes the certificate is sewn in under the leather tag. There should also be a set of tracking numbers embossed on the inside of the bag.

Step 6
If you are new to the world of Gucci, then take some time to learn about their products and history. Check out handbag blogs and Internet articles. Talk to your friends. Perhaps one of them is a Gucci expert! Be absolutely sure that Gucci you desire is the real thing. And when you are sure… buy it and enjoy!

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