A Change of Pace

Yeah, I know… been a long time since I’ve blogged. Some day I will write a book. A lot of things have transpired since my last entry. I am now in Guangzhou full time. I have started my own company and things look good. More later. 

I have sold the coffee bar. It was a tough decision to make, but finally I decided to let it go. Was able to get back the money I’d put into it, so guess I can say my first venture was a success. I learned a lot about doing business in China and had some fun in the process.

All for now….


Author: Ron's Blog

At home in the Global Village.

4 thoughts on “A Change of Pace”

  1. Hey~ Obviously you don\’t know me, hehe, I\’m a college student in Hangzhou, and I just happen to get here when I\’m busy searching for some materials about my report. Nice to see U. I\’ve read several of your articles, cheer up~ Best wishes~

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