Back in the USA!

It is nine thirty in the morning and I am sitting in the WWCC library. Weird to be here after nearly two years in China. If you read my previous blog about culture shock, you probably know that the fifth stage happens when you return to your own culture: WOW… Americans are as fat as their cars! Hope it’s okay to say this since I still consider myself to be American, I am also feeling a little smug because I dropped nearly 40 pounds while I was away. I will return to China on the 12th. 

Had a chance to see my son play with the Geoff Byrd band on Saturday night (May 6th). Also met his new girlfriend. I drove down to Portland Saturday morning with my daughter and met my other daughter in Troutdale. She and her boyfriend had driven in from Seattle the night before. FANTASTIC TIME, although much too short!

On Friday night (May 5th) Amy and I went to Seven Hills Winery for a tasting party. I had a chance to tell a few stories about China as well as talk about the early days of wine in the valley… back when my family and I planted the first commercial vineyard in the valley. Amazing to see the changes since then!


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3 thoughts on “Back in the USA!”

  1. I miss you now. I don\’t like you to leave us without any phones.
    Sometimes I thought that you will never think of me as a Chinese student.
    I phone you for more than 256times. In May I never heard any message from you.
    May5 is your birthday and I sent you a short message and short E-mail. May 29 is my birthday.
    More than 45 days no see, Do you real love your CHINESE STUDENTS??!!!

  2. I hope you enjoy yourself in your homeland.
    I will never forget that once a American taught me for more than 600days.
    You may call me, my house 8238564
                            my phone 848332

  3. hi

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