Rain, Rain Go Away!

Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome. I think that’s what they call it. Or SADS for short. I’ve always been one whose moods rise and fall with the weather. Right now is not a particularly good time for me because it’s been raining steadily for several weeks. I’ve seen the sun a few times during those weeks and each time I am filled with hope and optimism and energy. But then the rain starts up again. Ah me.
I guess we don’t have an official monsoon season here; not like some other parts of Asia anyway. Occasionally we have a real drencher, though, and my umbrella seems like flimsy protection. My upper torso remains relatively dry, but my shoes, socks and pant legs are quickly soaked. By the way, I guess in British English I should not say “pants,” but rather, “trousers.” Pants are what’s under my trousers. But yeah, sometimes those are soaked as well.
Speaking of umbrellas, they are a year round accessory in this part of China. They are also used in the sun, wind and (rare) snow. Since I don’t have any hair, I can only surmise that the reason they’re used in the sun is because of the dark hair on Chinese heads, which must soak up a lot of heat. For this reason, and also because a light complexion is an object of near-worship.
I am not sure how many, if any, people are reading this, but I will tell you that I have a job offer in Guangzhou. I am inclined to take it, but also am very reluctant to breach my contract here. I am trying to think of a way to honor both, which would probably mean three days in Jian and four days in Guangzhou for the next three months. A busy schedule, but, because of an overnight train both ways… possible. I will go to GZ tonight to look at apartments and discuss this idea with the school there.
And then there is the coffee bar. Right now it is closed, but we will open again on April Fools Day. Somehow that seems appropriate. Victor will manage it this term as Gray is a little burned out and also has a new girfriend! While I am in Guangzhou I will look around for coffee equipment. I can get stuff at Metro in Nanchang, but I think it is way overpriced.
The Canton Fair takes place in Guangzhou during mid-April:
Hope to see as much of this as possible. Ryan is having business cards made for the both of us, so will be interested in seeing what he comes up with.
Guess that is all for now……

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