Friday, January 21, 2005: Spring Festival!

(Note: In an effort to completely confuse everyone, I am posting pages from my diary.)
Speaking of coffee, Audraie and I are now sitting in Starbucks, Guangzhou having a couple of tall mochas! We left Jian on Wednesday at about 10 pm. The train station was wall-to-wall students. We thought we would try to to beat the Spring Festival rush by heading out early. Apparently a lot of students had the same idea. We only had tickets as far as Guangzhou. This was because we thought we would have more travel options once we got there. Wrong again!
The Guangzhou train station is a madhouse. Crowds and lines everywhere. We stood in line for a short while. The line for tickets was not moving and it was two blocks long. Audraie spotted a travel agency, so she went to try her luck while I held our spot in line. She came back with tickets for Zhanjiang, our next stop on the way to Hainan. The tickets only cost 20 more yuan than standing in line, so we felt rather clever. Our cleverness was cut short the following morning when we realized that we had missed our train. Somehow we had gotten confused over the dates on the tickets. We had checked into a cheap hotel near the station. Anyway, we’ll try again tonight.
We have discovered the Guangzhou Metro. It is clean, modern and cheap. It makes it much easier to get around. We still have to do a fair share of walking, however…
Yesterday we visited a tiny little island in the heart of Guangzhou on the Pearl River. It had a very European feel to it. Originally, it was the first place that foreigners began trading with the Mainland. It was very cool. We went to a bistro-like restaurant called Lucy’s. We shared a cheeseburger, tacos, fries and onion rings. Not to mention a couple of Tsingtao beers. Fantastic! Everywhere we looked we saw Americans with Chinese babies. Apparently this area is the last stop on the adoption road for foreigners and their new additions to be processed out.
Yesterday was overcast but today it is partly sunny. Hopefully this is a good sign for our days ahead on the beach. I can’t wait! Finally mailed off the Chinese pajamas for Jessica this morning at the China Post near the train station. We had bought them for a Christmas present but didn’t have Brian and Dawn’s new address. We brought them with us to Guangzhou because we thought it might be cheaper and perhaps easier than mailing them from Jian. Sent them by “small parcel air mail” which only cost about 60 yuan. I hope they get there before she outgrows them.

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