Guangzhou Weekend

I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Canton (Guangzhou). I left on the train Thursday night at about 10 and arrived in GZ at about seven the next morning. On the train I met a girl from Cameroon. She had been going to teach in Jian, but had to turn around that day and go back to Guangzhou because her bag with her money, mobile phone, passport and important papers had been stolen. She has a friend in GZ who can hopefully help her until she gets a new passport. I gave her a little money and let her use my phone. We had a long talk about life in China. I gave her my phone number, so hopefully she will call me if she ever makes it back to Jian.
On Friday afternoon I had a very long job interview. They seem very interested in hiring me. I will let you know more of the details if they make me an offer…
On Saturday I toured a factory that makes tins. You know… those decorative metal gift boxes that things like fruitcake come in. All shapes and sizes. Business is booming and they asked  me to help them secure orders and/or investors in America and Europe. They will send me a prospectus in Chinese and I will have my students help me translate. Again, I will let you know more information when I have it…
Also had a nice visit with Ryan (Li Bin). He has graduated and now has a job in an import-export company in GZ. His boss is from Syria. Ryan mostly does translation work. I am very proud of him.
Not much else to report. The apartment is in need of a thorough cleaning, so guess I will tackle that after classes tomorrow. That’s all for now…

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